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From the start of recording TRS’s debut album, there was a desire to include an external co-producer for mixing and mastering the tracks. After careful consideration, the choice fell on experienced musician Ronnie Björnström from Sundsvall. Ronnie, who runs Björnström Sound and Productions, has extensive experience working with metal bands and is himself an active guitarist in Mezzrow, a thrash metal band originating from Nyköping whose debut album “Then Came The Killing” was released in 1990, around the same time as TRS’s debut single “Hammerdown” was created.

Ronnie Björnström is well-known as a sound wizard in the metal world and has previously collaborated with bands like Sorcerer, Meshuggah, and 220 Volt, among others. His solid background in the genre was one of the main reasons he was chosen as co-producer for TRS’s project. Ola and Thomas, particularly curious about exploring how TRS would sound with a slightly heavier tone, were inspired by Ronnie’s insights and fresh ideas, which not only enhanced the overall sound but also took the concept to new heights.

The result exceeded both Ola and Thomas’s expectations, and with Ronnie’s contribution as co-producer, a final product and sound were defined that characterize TRS in a distinct way.

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