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The Rebel Saints (TRS) are releasing their self-titled debut album for those who enjoy classic melodic 70s/80s hard rock. The album is a mix of old songs written in the 1990s that have never been released, combined with new ones written along the way during a 3-year recording process. The debut single, “Hammerdown,” was released in January 2024, followed by two more singles, “Said And Done” and “Woman,” released in February.

The singles make up 3 out of the 12 songs on the debut album, which is now being released on selected digital platforms and will also be released on vinyl in the future. “It’s a joy to finally release these songs to the public after this insanely fun musical journey. We hope that everyone who has enjoyed what we’ve released so far will continue to get a kick out of what we’ve done.”

This is independent, locally produced Swedish hard rock. Crank it up in the car, at home, or at a party with friends. Play it loud!