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Right now we are fully preparing for the upcoming album release. The single releases have exceeded all expectations, which wasn’t that difficult really, as we didn’t have any expectations, as mentioned before. We’re releasing this album mainly because we’ve had so much fun writing and recording together again, and we want to share that joy with anyone who wants to listen.

We’re currently polishing and mixing the final touches this week and will release as soon as we’re ready. It’s been a large and lengthy production, counting 3 years and a month today, since our first day in the studio on January 27, 2021.

The response to the songs we’ve released so far has been overwhelming. We never thought we would receive the reception we have and that so many would enjoy our music. According to statistics on Spotify Artists yesterday, our singles are currently featured on around 470 playlists worldwide, and the songs have been streamed over 9,400 times in total. We’ve managed to reach over 5,000 listeners during our first weeks on Spotify with the 3 singles we’ve released. Additionally, Spotify is just one of several major international music platforms we’re on.

Now, the singles that have been released are just a taste of what’s to come. There are 9 more songs on the upcoming album, and we’re truly looking forward to continuing this journey with ya’ll. Again, a big thank you to everyone who follows and supports us, all the positive comments, and everyone who has listened to and continues to listen to our music. You have exceeded all our expectations!

Peace & Love
Thomas & Ola

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