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The Rebel Saints (TRS) proudly announces the debut single ‘Hammerdown’. The song was originally written and recorded 30 years ago and was rearranged and rewritten in 2020. ‘Hammerdown’ was the first song on the list when Thomas and Ola Berg started working together in the recording studio in January 2021.

3 years later, ‘Hammerdown’ is the first song to be released from the upcoming debut album ‘The Rebel Saints’. The song is one of several songs to come that has never been released. “It’s instant happiness to finally be able to release these songs to the public after all these years. We have had so much fun writing and recording it, and we hope people have just as much fun listening to it.”

Crank it up in the car, or play it on a party with friends. Enjoy, and play it loud!