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3 years in the making, and here we are. The Rebel Saints is a hard rock music collaboration between lead singer and multi instrumentalist Thomas Anderberg and guitarist and music producer Ola Berg. The duo started to play together in the early 1990s and participated in various local band projects for almost 10 years.

Both Thomas and Ola has experience from the music industry, radio, TV and touring in Sweden, Finland and the U.S. The Rebel Saints was formed out of circumstances in 2019 for a one-time surprise performance at an local company event. The event was planned in the spring of 2020 and was cancelled due to Covid. An idea formed to pick up some old songs and re-record them in Olas recording studio.

It was the starting point for a 3-year musical adventure during the recording of the musical project which was later named “The Rebel Saints”.

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